One Item, Five Fashionable Ways: Five Denim Jacket Outfits

Denim Jacket Outfits Looking for new ways to wear the very classic denim jacket? For today’s, “One Item, Five Fashionable Ways”, I decided to feature this ever-popular staple.  Early summer is a great time to break out the denim jacket, it’s versatile (denim matches everything) and can add a casual layer to any summer outfit in the evening after the sun goes down.

Of course, not all denim jackets are created equally.  You don’t want to break out your acide washed denim jacket from 1987 with shoulder flanges and some hair-band patch on the back.  As a more sophisticated lady, a shaped denim jacket that ends a few inches below pelvic bones, in a classic wash will probably get you a lot more mileage.  A denim jacket doesn’t need to be expensive either.  This denim jacket, that I am using to put five denim jacket outfits together, is from Old Navy and sells for $35.

Okay, here are some denim jacket outfits for a little inspiration.  For shopping information on all pieces used for the looks click the images.  And, be sure to check out other posts in this series.  You’ll notice that I use pieces from previous weeks to show you how easy can be to build a wardrobe using what you already own.

Denim Jacket Outfit #1

Denim Jacket Outfits


For a fun, casual, weekend look, I like a denim jacket with a summer dress.  Here I particularly love how the denim works with the soft pink.  It adds some edge.

Denim Jacket Outfit #2

Denim Jacket Outfits


A denim jacket is great with a maxi dress because the jacket offers waist shape and the perfect proportion when worn with a long dress.  Denim being so versatile, it should work with any maxi dress color you wear.  Finish the outfit off with a metallic accessories, handbag and shoes to be all set with an easy summer look.

Denim Jacket Outfit #3

Denim Jacket Outfits


Khakis and denim go together perfectly.  Even with a longer tunic, a shorter, shaped denim jacket still works.  This look remains casual, even with the accessories and metallic accents.

Denim Jacket Outfit #4

Denim Jacket Outfits


A denim jacket can add a more casual element to the dressier items that already exist in your wardrobe.  If you’re looking to get the maximum out of what you already own, a denim jacket can be a great piece to bridge the gap.

Denim Jacket Outfit #5

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways- Look 5


Again, to casualize (is casualize a word?) a dressier look, throw it together with a denim jacket and you can make more elevated pieces more casual.  In this case, a maxi skirt is ready for a stylish weekend outing with the addition of a denim jacket, tank top and easy gold sandals.

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