What Am I Going to Wear to Work Tomorrow? Work Outfits for Monday Morning

Work outfits Well, here we are again, it’s Sunday night and you have to get up for work tomorrow after a nice two day break.  If wondering about what you are going to wear tomorrow is on your mind, this Sunday evening series has been designed to help you figure out what you are going to wear tomorrow and how to make your work outfits more interesting.

This series features pieces you either probably already own or are similar to what you do.  The goal is to give you new ways of looking at these pieces so you can just shop in your closet.  The pieces featured are also available now at stores where most working women shop.  While you may not be able to grab these exact pieces tomorrow (unless you already own them), these featured work outfits may also give you some shopping inspiration for the future.

For shopping information on all styles used in each outfit, click the images below.

 Look #1- The White Button Down

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow- Look 1

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow- Look 1 by bridgetteraes featuring zipper bags

It’s likely you own a white button down shirt.  For the price and fit, I’m a big fan of Banana Republic’s shirts.  Now the chances are also great that you also own a black pencil skirt.  If you’ve worn these two together the chances are even greater that you looked like a cater waiter or a penguin.

If you’re going to wear this work outfit, think about what you are wearing with your button down shirts and pencil skirt or basic pants.  Truly, this will be the thing that will make all the difference.  With this outfit, I chose a pair of tan pumps and brought in color via the accessories and handbag.  Anytime you wear something as basic as a pair of pants and a button down shirt, unless you want to put people to sleep, think about the finishing elements.

Look #2- Adding Color to a Black Printed Dress


What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 2

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 2 by bridgetteraes featuring a collared dress

I’ve actually seen this dress, available at Lord & Taylor, in person, one of my clients owns it as one of her work outfits, it’s quite lovely and a great summer work dress.  If you own a dress in a black and white or black and tan dress, like this one, don’t think you are limited to only wearing black with it.  While this is a fun dress on its own, extra pop is added with the bright red cardigan and earrings and the tan shoes, instead of a black shoe, adds polish.  By doing this, that basic black tote looks far less boring.

Look #3- Navy Pants


What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 3

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 3 by bridgetteraes featuring shopper handbags

Navy pants, like these by J.Crew, are a great alternative to the basic black pants.  However, if you’re not careful, navy pants can get just as boring as black ones. I’ve said it before it bears repeating again, whatever color you can wear with black you can wear with navy.  In this case, I went with pink but, again, you can go with any color.  In addition, instead of a boring white shirt, I went with a shirt that acts as a basic but is more novelty.  These are things I call novelty basics.

Now, take a few minutes to go through your closet, pull out your pieces and look for new ways to make what your work outfits more interesting!  Have a great week!