What am I Going to Wear to Work Tomorrow? Work Outfits for Monday Morning

outfits for work It’s Sunday night and the last thing you want to think about is what you are going to wear tomorrow.  It’s bad enough that tomorrow is Monday, right?

Inspired by the idea that most women have to get up at the crack of dawn and then figure out what to wear, I thought I’d bring you this Sunday evening series, What Am I Going to Wear to Work Tomorrow?  Every Sunday, I’ll give you some ideas for work outfits using clothing that you probably already own, along with easy ways you can spice them up and make them more exciting.  I’ll also be featuring current work pieces that are available on sites where most working women shop.  You may not be able to wear these current pieces tomorrow, but you can make note of them for future shopping trips.  For shopping information on all styles used in each outfit, click the images below.

Okay, let’s get started with some work outfits.

Look #1- The Little Black Dress

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look- 1


There is a strong chance that you have a black dress hanging in your closet.  It may not be this one by Ann Taylor, but a basic black one, nonetheless.  To change up the look for tomorrow, consider a pair of shoes in a pop color.  Here I am using coral shoes, but a shoe in any color would work.  Playing on the coral, I chose these multi-colored earrings.  Instead of the boring earrings you always wear, try to add some color, instead.  Don’t own colorful shoes?  Try tan shoes with a black dress.  As I like to say, tan shoes instantly make your look go from “cubicle to corner office.”

If you like the idea of wearing bold color with your black dress, but don’t own these pieces yet, add colorful shoes and accessories to your shopping list.  Buy the shoes first and then look for jewelry in colors that would work with them.

Look #2- Colorblocking Kills Boredom

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 2


Are you bored out of your mind with your basics?  Let’s face it, the backbone of workwear is basics.  Yet, how the heck can you make these ho-hum basics more interesting?  Well, one way to do it is by colorblocking.  Colorblocking freaks people out, however, it doesn’t have to.

Here I started with a pair of ankle length basic pants by Banana Republic.  Paired with that is a cardigan, that would be oh-so boring if I just stuck a white tank underneath it, I threw some boring black shoes with it and added some pearls.  Instead, I went bolder with color.  If you are tired of the tank, cardigan and basics pants look, take a cardigan you own and see if you own any tanks or layering pieces in a color.  Combinations like purple and green, as shown above, pink and orange, aqua and mint, for example, are pairings that work but are a bit more unexpected.

Next, ditch the boring shoes and consider a metallic pair of flats (if it is okay for your work environment.)  Another way to pop your look is through jewelry that are in basic colors but are modern in shape.   Lastly, consider pulling your look together with your handbag.  Now, I’m not crazy enough to think that sitting in your closet is a handbag that perfectly coordinates your fresh new colorblocked color combo, however, even a black bag would look okay with a look that has some other interest going on in it.

The nice thing when you start to play with outfits in your closet is that you start to get a better sense of your shopping needs.  Found a great new color combo to wear from what you already own?  Add those combinations to a shopping list so you can note that you may need some accessories or accent pieces in these colors.

Look #3- The Dependable Pencil Skirt

What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Look 3


Oh the dependable pencil skirt, what would we do without it?  In an effort to add some variety, you bought a navy one, like this one from J.Crew.  Now what?  Has the navy skirt just hung in your closet because you felt what you could wear with it was more limited than your black skirt?  Well, here is some great news; if you don’t already know, any color you can wear with black you can wear with navy.   Did a whole sea of new options just open up for you?

Now that you know this about navy, look into your closet for new ways to wear your navy pencil skirt.  In this case, I went with a yellow pop blazer and a sweet polka-dot top with some ruffle accents.  I chose this top because you may want to take your jacket off while at work.  With a top like this, you still look finished.  Next, even without the yellow jacket, the yellow earrings still add some pop to the blue skirt and top.  Lastly, tan shoes, the most versatile shoes on the planet.  By treating navy like black, look in your closet and look for some fresh color combinations that may work with the color

I hope these small Sunday evening tips give you some new ideas on how to put some work outfits together tomorrow.  Perhaps with these strategies now in hand you’ll be able to hit your snooze button one more time in the morning.