One Item, Five Fashionable Ways: Five Denim Shirt Outfits

Denim Shirt Outfits With denim shirts being so popular at the moment, I wanted the second installment of this blog series to feature denim shirt outfits.  I chose this shirt available at J.Crew because I tend to like they way this store fits their more classic pieces to give them an updated edge.

With colored jeans, printed skirts and pants being so popular right now, it makes sense that the denim shirt would be having its moment; we need something to balance all the print and color on the bottom.  Wearing a denim shirt with a printed or colored bottom is the equivalent of turning an outfit upside down.  However, keep in mind, that when putting print or color on the bottom half of your body fit is very important.  Shape in your tops can be helpful as can the shape of the pieces you choose for your bottoms.

Like I said in last week’s installment of this series, basics are the backbone of any stylish outfit.  However, it is how you accessorize your basics that will give them more mileage and versatility.  Check out the five denim shirt outfits below for some inspiration and ideas on how you can wear this piece.

Five Denim Shirt Outfits

Look #1- The Denim Shirt with a Printed Skirt 

J.Crew Denim Shirt- Look #1

I love the way a denim shirt adds a polished casual touch to a printed skirt for work.  Denim, being as versatile as black or jeans, for that matter, will work with just about any printed skirt you own, while not stealing any of the attention.  To finish it off, I paired with a simple bag, tan shoes and some gold jewelry, something most of us already have in our closets.  I would suggest tucking in the shirt.  The nice thing about tucking a button down vs. a knit top is that it will blouse when tucked in making it less likely any of your own lumps and bumps will show.

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Look #2- Denim Shirt with Colored Capris

J. Crew Denim Shirt- Look #2

Colored pants in ankle lengths will be so popular for spring and summer.  If this is something you plan on buying then investing in a denim shirt will give you another great option to wear with them.  Here, going with a rich oxblood pant, the pop of yellow in the bag, the navy pashmina and simple gold sandals (metallic shoes will get you a ton of mileage) finishes off the look in a stylish manner.
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Look #3- Denim Shirt with a Coral A-Line Skirt 

J.Crew Denim Shirt- Look #3

For a slightly more casual skirt look for work or fun, I chose this coral a-line, also from J.Crew and envisioned popping the striped tank underneath the denim shirt for some additional interest.  The denim shirt and tank would be tucked into the skirt with a few a few of the buttons of the shirt open so that the tank peeks through the top.  Lastly, I chose a fun pair of navy wedges, some coral earrings to further bring this popular summer color into the outfit and grabbed the same bag from look #1 to show that you don’t need a ton of clothes in your closet, just versatile items.

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Look #4- Denim shirt with White Jeans 

J.Crew Denim Shirt- Look #4

If you’re not afraid of white jeans, then a denim shirt is a great option to wear with them.  For an easy summer look, I chose bright, fruity accessories that could be worn for a polished weekend look.  Personally, I love pink and orange together; so summer!

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Look #5- Denim Shirt with Madras 

J.Crew Denim Shirt- Look #5

Nothing says summer more than a Madras plaid.  Most people either love or hate it.  If Madras is your thing, then a denim shirt is a great choice to pair with it.  Here, a simple cotton a-line in Madras and denim button down looks elegantly casual with a red sandal and yellow handbag, the same yellow handbag from Look #2.

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