One Item, Five Fashionable Ways: Five Draped Wrap Cardigan Outfits

Cardigan Outfits A new blog series that I am introducing today is called One Item, Five Fashionable Ways.  This series is inspired by how I work with clients and their wardrobes.  My goal is to always get the maximize use out of everything they own.  When we work on putting outfits together, I try to use one piece to create five different looks.  This strategy has also been referred to on my blog as “The Anchor Solution.”

To kick this series off, I will be making five cardigan outfits using this piece available at Anthropologie.  I chose it because it’s easy yet still has some shape and has a shorter sleeve which will take you into the warmer months.  The cardigan, in general, is a must-have staple because it can finish off a look in a more casual way, is a great outerwear piece in transitional weather and is a fun layering item for work, fun or vacation.  

If you want to create multiple outfits from one piece, basics are great to work with because you can you will get you the most mileage.  While basics seem boring, they are the backbone of an outfit.

Check out some cardigan outfits I put together below for some more tips on how to maximize the use of the cardigans in your closet.

Five Cardigan Outfits

Look #1- The Casual Cardigan 

Casual Cardigan

Nothing finishes off a casual jeans and t-shirt look better than a cardigan.   In this cardigan outfit, I chose a brightly colored sandal, a versatile metallic handbag and a subtle grey tank.

Look #2- The Cardigan with the Black Dress 

Cardigan with black dress

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your little black dress, a stylish cardigan like this one (not a frumpy dumpy cardigan) will add some style, coverage, warmth and versatility.  In addition, don’t be afraid of adding color to your black dresses.  Often, when women wear black they accessorize with black, as well.  Instead, look at your black dress as a neutral canvas on which to add some bright color and excitement.

Look #3- Cardigan and Printed Skirt 

Skirt and Cardigan

A neutral cardigan is a great piece to have on hand as the weather gets warmer, when you’ll likely be wearing more prints. In a flirtier skirt style, like one above, this cardigan style adds shape to the waist and will make your body look more proportioned.

Look #4- Cardigan with Black Base

Cardigan with Black

Many women feel very safe and slim in black, however, too much black can get boring really quickly.  Adding a stylish cardigan to the outfit in another color makes the black simply a base for all the other components to pop in the outfit.  While this cardigan does have short sleeves, it is totally acceptable to pair it with a slim long sleeve top underneath it.

I also want to point out that I used the same exact bag from outfit #1.  I did this because when creating multiple looks with one piece, the goal is to use other items that already exist in your wardrobe for these outfits.   Remember, it’s about doing more with less, not the other way around.

Look #5- Cardigan and Sundress

Cardigan with Sundress

Cardigans and sundresses go together like needle and thread.  Not only do cardigans offer some warmth, but they can also cover up the arms.  Having a stylish, neutral cardigan on hand will be a blessing as you stock up on brightly colored dresses this summer.

  • Love this series concept. Really helpful to see all the pieces put together.

  • Shellee

    Fabulous! I’m all about the first one. Jeans, tank and something special to put all together. But, can’t find the cardi on their site! 🙁